Thursday, April 1, 2010

Judy Pfaff Studio Visit

I visited Judy Pfaff's studio this week to check out the work that will be here for her show. Judy's studio is on a large plot of land at the base of the Catskill mountains. It is pretty idyllic. It was raining pretty hard that day, but Judy warmed me up with a cup of tea and her generous spirit. She's an outstanding and lovely individual.

Her studio is a place of constant flux - the way any good studio is. She's simultaneously preparing for our show at the gallery, our booth at Art Chicago and a concurrent show at the Reavley Gallery at the Texas National 2010 show in Nacogdoches, Texas.

The Texas National show is an annual competition, open to all artists living and working in the United States, juried each year by an internationally acclaimed artist. This year, 191 artworks by 161 artists were chosen by Judy. The TN 2010 show will be held in the Ledbetter Gallery of The Cole Art Center at the SFA School of Art. Previous jurors have included Doug and Mike Starn, who have also show at the David Weinberg Gallery, along with the likes of Leon Golub, Donald Sultan, Sandy Skoglund, Ed Moses, and - one of my favorite enigmatic artists - Mel Chin.

On top of managing all of this, Judy is also the head of the Art Department at Bard. It's pretty astonishing to think that she can handle the (overly)full plate that is in front of her, especially considering that several works we will show are very large, new, and never before seen. She's amazing and the show will be amazing. See you there!

New, in progress and as yet untitled work by Judy Pfaff - likely to appear on the back wall in Gallery 1, Assemblage materials / Mixed media, 91x91, 2010

A photo I snapped on my last visit to Judy's studio in August of 2009. Judy is a sponge and takes inspiration from nearly everywhere, but this is just outside her back door and I think you can see a direct relationship to the previous image. Awesome.

Studio view

Another studio view

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