Saturday, November 13, 2010

JE & DV Press, Plus New Video Shot Onsite for Jordan Eagles

We've been getting some great press on the Jordan Eagles & Dylan Vitone exhibit in it's first week, including an interview with Jordan from Newcity's Valerie Piotrowski. She spoke with Jordan about his series, New Blood, from which comes the work we are currently exhibiting. You can read the article in full on Newcity Art.

Paul Klein wrote a bit about the show on his blog, Art Letter, the show was one of Flavorpill's Editor's Picks.

Also, Christopher Knight wrote a review for the Los Angeles Times on Dylan's new body of work, the Miami Project which is also being exhibited at DNJ Gallery in LA. Knight describes the work as "[inviting] participation in a perceptually heightened dance between seeing and being seen."

Also, Jordan arranged for a video to be produced on location here at the gallery that can be seen on Vimeo. You can watch another video showcasing his work there from the same videographer, Leo Herrera that reveals some of the processes Jordan uses to make the work. Check them out, they're awesome!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jordan Eagles & Dylan Vitone - Opening Friday

Aaron has been working hard over the past couple days to get our next exhibit ready for Friday. We are so excited to reveal this show Friday, and we can't wait to hear your questions and feedback.

Both artists will be here for the opening - Friday, November 5, 5-8PM, so don't miss this chance to ask them about the work.

This is Eagles' debut Chicago exhibit. We will be showing work from the past 3 years, showing a variety of Eagles' experimentation within his self-invented process. The work is made using combinations of UV & white resin, plexiglass, copper and blood. Jordan suspends, encases and permanently preserves cattle blood, salvaged from slaughterhouses, in a manner that is designed to retain the blood's natural colors and textures and to expose its finite details.

This will be Vitone's second solo show with the gallery, and will show a selection of work from his new series, the Miami Project. In this series he explores the heightened sexuality, spectacle and income-based disparities that exist throughout the city of Miami. This marks Vitone's first body work in color, but he sticks with his tradition of assembling large-scale panoramic photographs that simultaneously show the details and relationships at multiple special and perceptual levels.

Check out our website for more images, and to read further about the two artists' work in the press release.