Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Know Your Artist Tuesday - Jennifer Scott McLaughlin

Jennifer Scott McLaughlin is one of our gallery's most sought-after painters. The staff is always excited to unwrap one of her shipments and discover new developments in her style. Last year she started to incorporate crushed glass and wax in many of her pieces.

The influence of nature and water are undoubtedly evident in Jennifer's work. This could be in large part due to her surroundings for many years. Recently Jennifer relocated from Colorado to Florida with her family and her husband became a full-time fishing guide and captain. It's hard not to see her inspiration in pieces like this:

Underwater Culmination III, 72" x 72", Oil and beeswax on canvas

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Know Your Artist Tuesday - Tricia Rumbolz

For the first installment of Know Your Artist Tuesday, we present Tricia Rumbolz.

Rumbolz once worked at a shipyard repairing sailboats. During this time, she undertook a project of self-documentation in a piece entitled "45 Consecutive Days, 6am to 9pm" (Detail on left). This piece is thus composed of the hourly photos she took over these 45 days, each measuring about 1" x .5", mounted on small wooden tabs and displayed in a landscape grid on panel. You can find yourself lost in examining the snapshots into the artist's life, trying to piece together a story that weaves together the hour-long intervals.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Know Your Artist Tuesday

I think I need some structured posting deadlines on here.

Soooooo, I'd like to introduce a new weekly segment I will call "Know Your Artist Tuesday" (... or at least until I can think of a cleverer name). I'll post an interesting fact about one of our gallery artists each week... b/c who doesn't want to hear about the fun and exciting lives of artists?

Check back next Tuesday for the first installment: Tricia Rumbolz.