Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Install Week - Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek

This Friday we have our much anticipated Judy Pfaff opening, along with new paintings by returning artist, Jennifer Scott McLaughlin. Take a sneak peek at the worker bees, making it all happen after the artists put their art in our hands.

the elusive HR
Kerri, Johnna, and Heather - pro art packers
New gorgeous paintings by Jennifer Scott McLaughlin.
Kerri and Aaron deinstall a delicate Noelle Allen piece after the Alumni (SAIC) exhibit.
New work by Jennifer Scott McLaughlin amongst the organized chaos.
Monday, ready for Judy's work to arrive on Tuesday.
Rob and Aaron unpacking on Tuesday. Rob has worked for Judy for 16 yrs and drove her work all the way from NY!

One of Judy's pieces. Rob said she will continue to work on it when she arrives on Thursday. This is how Judy often works, her process...a piece evolves up until the very end, before exhibiting. A true installation artist.


Don't miss this amazing exhibit, opening this Friday, April 16th from 5-8pm.

Learn about and watch Judy's process on Art 21.



  1. wow!!!!! this stuff is incredible!!!

    the macro of the paper flowers reminds me of stuff i made for the show...different context, different use, but yea! wow paper flowers!

    this looks awesome.