Thursday, March 4, 2010

NY Art Fairs

New York Art Fair weekend is here. Aaron and Cassi are strolling the streets as we speak looking for our next great lineup of artists at The Armory Show and many, MANY ancillary fairs. To show you just how ridiculous and overwhelming this weekend can be (and how impossible it is to see everything) 20x200 emailed out a downloadable PDF of " The Art Fairs and Other Useful Spots Map" by Jason Polan:

Granted these aren't all art fairs, but museums and galleries schedule some of their best exhibits around the fair in anticipation of the art crowd influx. So really, you feel guilty missing out on anything!

Good luck and have fun guys! Can't wait to see the proposals and a blog post with a recap (hint, hint) =)

Click the image to be directed to the 20x200 blog post and read about their Art Fair Survival Kits!


  1. I wish I could go. I am forwarding the link to this to my friend who is in New Jersey. Thanks!