Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thanks for coming!

Thanks to everyone that made it to the opening Friday night! The turnout was amazing and it was such a great crowd. It's wonderful to see SAIC continue to support its students after graduation and even more impressive to witness the long lasting network the alumni create with each other.

The exhibit is a fun one. People were really engaged and I had more than a few highly entertaining conversations spurred by the work. If you didn't make it on Friday, get over here before it comes down on April 10th!

Some DWG insider tips:
At the gallery we always hang a few pieces from the last exhibit in David's office (so be sure not to skip it when you visit!). If you really enjoy the current exhibit, remember to ask our staff (we're friendly, I promise) if there are any other pieces available for viewing. Sometimes we run out of wall space or we've asked the artist for works on paper or examples of another series and we keep this extra work in the flat file or the back.

Currently, we have Noelle Allen's Accipiters series on the wall but in back inventory we have another series entitled Osteoids. These are
stunning photographs that you really, really must see in person. Can you guess what they are?

***Hint: A 1999 black comedy starring Rose McGowan, Rebacca Gayhart, and Julie Benz.

images: Noelle Allen, (left) Osteoid B, 30" x 30", 2004, (right) Osteoid C, 30" x 30", 2004, contact gallery for pricing