Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wheatley, Kaiser-Smith & Glink Opening

Last night was a great time for our opening reception of Wheatley, Kaiser-Smith & Glink. Rhona Wheatley, Yvette Kaiser-Smith and Marissa Glink were all here, and helped to make it a wonderful evening.

Wheatley's work focuses on language, the written word, and the act of translating inner feelings, thoughts and concepts into a particular language throughout history's cultures. Her current body of work focuses particularly on the concept of the divine. Kaiser-Smith has been working with fiberglass, which she crochets into geometric shapes, and then hardens through a process using polyester resin. These shapes are then constructed into larger structures that involve mathematical series and numbers such as pi, the Fibonacci sequence, and Pascal's triangle. Finally, Glink has installed her organic, soda fired ceramic groupings that are reminiscent of oceanic, coral reef life forms.

Wheatley, Kaiser-Smith & Glink will remain on display through Saturday, July 17. Our next show will be Friedman & Miss Aniela, with an opening reception the night of Friday, July 23.

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